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Over the next five years, the Australian inbound tour operator business is set to develop steadily at a rate of 11% annually(2023-2028). Tourism Boom brings new opportunities for the Two-Way Radio industry. An increase in international tourism is forecast to fuel this industry’s growth. This will see a rise in the number of visitors who take advantage of Australia’s low-cost travel options. Employment in the Australian inbound tour operator sector is set to grow by 10.1% during the following five years as a result.
There will be an increased demand for outdoor and adventure-themed vacations. This will result in the need for more staff to facilitate, the expansion of the inbound tour operator business.  This will have a beneficial effect on the sales of two-way radios. Outdoor tour companies rely heavily on two-way radio for coordinating efforts with staff.  Additionally, keeping tourists & guests safe. If something does go wrong during a tour, guides and staff need to be able to contact help instantly.  This can sometimes be from remote areas.
For this reason, tour operators are likely to spend more money on two-way radios. Both two-way radio manufacturers and suppliers will undoubtedly gain from the increased demand for these devices.
Additionally, two-way radios are forever evolving as far as technology advances and innovation.  This provides tour operators more options when it comes to safety and efficiency features. In conclusion, as more tour operators purchase these tools to enhance communication and coordination among their personnel, the expansion of the inbound tour operator business is set to positively impact the sales of two-way radios within Australia. New Opportunities for Two-Way Radio Industry is about to happen. 
Sources: Ibis World
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