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Your ‘Valuables’ Best Friend 

Introducing MAX Cases, a meticulously engineered carry case, designed to provide unparalleled safeguarding of your valuables, and against the harshest of conditions. If you require the protection of delicate and valuable items from the elements, then MAX Cases rises to the challenge.

These cases come fortified with IP67 ratings and military-grade certifications, making them exceptionally versatile across various applications. From marine expeditions, photography shoots, scuba diving adventures, outdoor sports events, military deployments, just to name a few, MAX Cases proves to be the ultimate choice for safeguarding your valuables.

Max Cases

Honda Racing Case Study

AceComms is the exclusive Radio Communications supplier for Honda Racing Australia, providing High Performance Two Way Radio for the Honda Factory Motocross Racing Team. Radio comms are critical to a racing teams performance, and therefore their safe storage & transportation from venue to venue is paramount.  Honda Racing Australia rely on MAX cases to protect & freight of all their Two Way Radio equipment.



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