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Simoco specializes in professional mobile radio, SCADA, Telemetry, LTE and Telematics. With over 70 years of experience operating at the forefront of the radio and mobile communications industry, and a forward-thinking approach that is continually providing new technologies for a digitally- driven future, Simocos rich communications heritage is something on which you can rely.

Analogue radio systems today still represent that backbone of radio communications deployments worldwide. Simoco Wireless Solutions’ ongoing commitment to support customers with their communications needs has resulted in a significant portfolio of analogue radio products.

Kevin, Grant and the Ace Communications team have always provided their time, knowledge, expertise and friendly support whenever I have needed it. When I have faced any communication problems ranging from Motorola programming issues to developing Entel products to fill a gap in the market, I have always been able to count on ACE to help resolve the issue. No issue is ever too much for ACE.

Ross O’Sullivan, Owner at Two Way Hire and Sales

Ace understand the complexities of delivering mission critical equipment to business-critical operations. Everyone at Radlink, across a range of teams and functions, who deals with Ace Communications has been complimentary of the smooth processes and prompt communication we receive. The strong relationship is testament to a customer focussed approach and based on consistent and reliable service.

David Krieg, National Client Experience Manager at Radlink Communications

Kevin’s attention to excellent customer service has been instilled in all of his employees during the years to this day, where his Sales, Technical Services and Administration staff go out of their way to help the many Dealers around Australia. To anyone in Radio Communications not currently with Ace Comms, get on board and ring them up.

David Graham, Technician