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In the hustle and bustle of warehouse and logistics operations, the focus on productivity can sometimes minimise the importance of safety. With employee safety being the focus for warehouse managers, audio headsets with more of a safety focus are now available, and can be considered part of a warehouse workers personal protection gear. The Shokz OPENCOMM 2 is a revolutionary headset, featuring bone conduction technology that offers the ability to remain in constant contact with other team members, while at the same time being completely alert to their surroundings.

For instance, a forklift driver navigating a bustling warehouse, seamlessly weaving between towering pallets and shelving systems can have the best of both worlds by listening to their audio, while still being able to hear their peripheral environment clearly, which is crucial for maintaining awareness of surrounding machinery and potential safety hazards.

The Shokz open-ear design is not just a feature; it’s an element that keeps warehouse drivers and staff attuned to potential workplace hazards. An accident that before may have seemed inevitable now becomes averted, due to warehouse staff being alert to their surroundings. In the realm of warehouse safety, the Shokz OPENCOMM 2 emerges as a safety baton, orchestrating a seamless blend of productivity and safety.

The bone conduction technology featured in the Shokz OPENCOMM 2 headset is a patented method that transmits sound through the wearer’s cheekbones, bypassing the eardrum. This technology allows the user to hear sound directly while the ears remain uncovered. The headset emits sound vibrations through the cheekbones, enabling the wearer to listen to audio, and have conversations while staying aware of their environment.

Based on a 2022 Safe Work Australia report, “169 people lost their lives at work in 2021, and there were over 130,000 serious workers’ compensation claims” (Monocosm, 2022). This drives home the need for businesses to be mindful of employee safety, along with pursuing safer ways for staff to undertake their day-to-day activities.

Minimisng incidents should be a primary objective when running any warehouse operation, and the Shokz OPENCOMM 2 can play a valuable role in any movement towards a safer workplace. The Online Safety trainer stated in an article” One of the key benefits of warehouse safety is that it helps prevent accidents and injuries. In a warehouse setting, many potential hazards can lead to accidents, such as falling objects, moving machinery, and hazardous materials. By implementing safety measures, such as proper training and the use of personal protective equipment, companies can help protect their employees and prevent these types of accidents from occurring” (Online Safety Trainer, 2022).

The Shokz OPENCOMM 2 is an innovative personal safety device, and can be a critical companion in the ongoing pursuit of warehouse safety. For more information on our Shokz range of headsets, click here.


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