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Capacity Max

MotoTRBO Capacity Max blends real-world experience with technological innovation to deliver a communications solution that is tailor-made for you. Capacity Max is a trunked radio system with a dedicated control channel at every site. The centralized architecture reduces deployment complexity and operational cost, while increasing flexibility and scalability.


Capacity Plus

MotoTRBO Capacity Plus is a scalable, single-site digital trunking solution which lets you cost-effectively expand the capacity of your MotoTRBO two-way radio system. Capacity Plus is the intelligent software solution that links up to 1,200 MotoTRBO radio users to voice and data without adding new frequencies.


IP Site Connect

MotoTRBO IP Site Connect extends the reach of your MotoTRBO two-way radio system to connect up to 100 people easily and seamlessly, regardless of geography. IP Site Connect links multiple repeaters over a standard IP network to enhance your coverage. You get uninterrupted voice and data communications without having to change channels – no matter if the workers are in hilly terrain, a high-rise building, or dispersed throughout the country.

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Multi-site Capacity Plus

Multi-site Capacity Plus provides the essential features needed – such as integrated voice and data communication in a single site or across a wide area, without the use of a separate network controller.