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More than just the Right part, Right Price, Right Now

Two-way Radio Distributor, Technical Repair Centre
and System Design

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Two-way radios, accessories & spare parts

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Complete Wireless Fabric Technology Solution for Enterprise,
IoT and Service Provider Community Networks

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Nationwide Support

Vertex Standard Radio Maintenance, Accessories and Spare Parts

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System Design

System Design, Technical Support and Training

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Australia's Two-Way Radio Distributing Specialists


Our Specialties

  • Motorola two-way radios and accessories

    Our Queensland based company is the only Preferred Distributor of Motorola two-way radio products in Australia. We specialise in and distribute Motorola two-radios, accessories and spare parts. We are additionally the preferred Motorola Battery Supplier in Australia.
  • Vertex Standard radio maintenance, accessories and spare parts

    Supplier of Vertex Standard accessories, spare parts and Vertex Standard radio maintenance.
  • Cambium microwave, cnPilot and managed wi-fi solutions

    Teaming up with Cambium Networks, we offer Cambium product solutions, such as PTP 820 licensed microwave , cnPilot cloud, controller-managed Wi-Fi, and cnReach licensed narrowband wireless networking.
  • Excellent wholesale pricing on Motorola, Cambium and other two- way radio gear

    We are a distribution/wholesale company only, and every Dealer has access to our wholesale pricing, which is, and always has been, some of the most competitive rates in Australia.
  • Two-way radio batteries

    As the preferred battery supplier for Motorola, we have a special commitment to stock and supply Motorola batteries. We have an abundance of Motorola and Vertex Standard batteries ex-stock and ready to go. We additionally stock batteries for other radio brands in our battery storeroom.
  • Motorola, Vertex Standard legacy and or “phasing out” radios and accessories

    We stock and supply accessories, and radio parts for Motorola and Vertex Standard legacy radios. There are still legacy radios available on our shelves for both Motorola and Vertex Standard.
  • Fast delivery of Motorola and Vertex Standard gear

    Our Brisbane based warehouse has a constant supply of Motorola and Vertex Standard radios and accessories. We do our best to ship same day of any ex-stock item, and we usually have what you looking for in the Motorola or Vertex Standard range. We additionally assess your logistics situation on a case-to-case basis to bring you the best freight pricing. 
  • Access to ICOM, TAIT, Kenwood and Simoco

    We assist Two-way Radio Dealers with these other brands of radio and their accessories at wholesale pricing
  • Technical support, repair and system Design

    We have our own tech centre with accredited two-way radio technicians. We can repair most radio brands, and assist with any radio hardware or software problem. Need help with a communications solution or system design? We assist, and have assisted, many clients with system set-up and design.
  • Two-way radio training

    We have our own dedicated training facility with the latest two-way radio equipment and programming tools for any person or company needing an update, product knowledge or a hands on demonstration of new equipment and programming.
  • We do not compete with our Dealers.

    We are the only “distribution only” Two-Way Radio Company around, and follow a strict B2B distribution model. We do not compete with those who we distribute to.
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Ace Communication Distributors

For close to 14 years Ace Communication Distributors has been supplying Two-Way Radio Dealers across Australia with two-way radio equipment, accessories and spare parts. Our specialisation is solely focused on Distribution and Wholesale of two-way radio equipment to Dealers across Australia, while staying committed to our philosophy of excellent service, ease of doing business and fast delivery of product.

We are an independent company that specialises in Motorola and Vertex Standard two-way radio, which has lead us to become the only authorised Motorola Distributing Partner along with Motorola Solutions in Australia. With our dedicated warehouse, we are additionally the preferred Motorola battery supplier in Australia, leveraging our commitment to supply Dealers as swiftly as possible with batteries in a logistic environment that is slowing down with battery delivery. Ace Communications now offer complete wireless fabric technology through our partnership with Cambium Networks. We can assist any Communications company with the tools and equipment for communications solutions. Our warehouse is a dedicated hub for Motorola radios, accessories, spares, repair parts, and legacy items to assist with phased out radio repair. We additionally focus on legacy Vertex Standard parts, accessories and repair.

Ace Communications has a rich history with other two-way radio brands and we supply, and assist with, Icom, Simoco, Kenwood and Tait at great discount purchasing.

We not only supply two-way radio gear but back it up and support it too. We have our own dedicated workshop with qualified technicians that can repair radios, set-up infrastructure, give advice and do general assistance if needed with product that is purchased.